What Lies Beneath the Surface 

‘Stop touching that!’ Xander complained, grabbing the remote off the bleached vampire sprawled out across his bed.

‘Oi! Watching TV.’ Spike complained, reaching for it.

‘Get off my bed. You live in the chair…don’t make me regret untying you.’ Xander moaned.

‘You really get off on this, don’t you? Denying a vampire his only pleasures.’ Spike growled, shifting off the bed and to his feet.

‘Yeah…that turns me on.’ Xander replied sarcastically.

What Lies Beneath the Surface 
What Lies Beneath the Surface

‘Only a matter of time before it comes out Xander.’ Spike said angrily.

Xander stared, shocked. ‘What comes out?’

Spike cocked his head. ‘What do ya think? The bloody chip.’

Xander snorted.

‘Heard it before, fangless. You sound scarier each time…really.’

Spike glowered. ‘You shouldn’t argue with me ya know.’

Xander began to laugh. ‘Why? You’ll beat me up? No…wait…you can’t. Afraid you’re out of options there, Spike.’

Spike smirked. ‘Why do you fight it, Xander? You know what you really want.’

‘To stake you? Yeah…but Buffy says…’

‘No…you wanna be staked.’ Spike sneered, leaning back slightly, his hand across his lean stomach, tinkering at the hemline.

Xander blinked.


‘Oh come on…you think I don’t know who you’re dreaming about when you moan in your sleep?’

‘Whoa…hang on a minute. Are you coming on to me?’ Xander asked, before laughing hysterically. ‘You’re crazy…and so out of here as soon as Giles can have you back.’

‘You have no idea what it feels like to fuck a vampire, do you?’ Spike asked, his fingers slipping into his pants, moving the tips along the waistline until they reached his zipper.

Xander panicked.

‘Okay…stop it. For your information, I’m straight, I love Anya and even if I was…, I’d never…you’re just…’ Xander realised his once reliable big mouth was failing him and stuttering was only making Spike smile more.

The vampire, realising he was winning the fight of nerves, began to move forwards, each movement deliberately seductive.

‘Why don’t you go bug someone who gives a damn, Spike? You’re not even funny…you’re pathetic.’ Xander said, trying as hard as he could to sound serious.

‘Oh yeah?’ Spike asked raising his eyebrows. ‘Then why do you smell like you wanna screw me right here, right now?’

Xander shook his head.

‘Stop messing around Spike.’

‘I ain’t messing…’ Spike grinned. ‘But if ya play nice, I will…’

‘You’re not funny, Spike.’ Xander told him, frowning.

‘No…not funny. Sexy…you know it…you want it…’

Xander swallowed nervously…afraid of how close Spike was. Not of the closeness…but of what he feared happening. Every word Spike said was conjuring images he shouldn’t have had, let alone enjoyed. He wanted what Spike had told him…he wanted it and knew he shouldn’t but it only made it that much sweeter.

‘I know you what you’re thinking.’ Spike said, seductively in Xander ‘s ear, smirking at Xander’s heartbeat…and silence…that was the best natural sleeping pills he could offer. He’d silenced the unsilenceable. And it only proved he’d been right all along.

‘H…how do you know…psychic all of a sudden?’

Xander quipped, with a slightly nervous tone.

‘Oh no…’ Spike said, softly. ‘I can smell it on you…you want it, don’t you?’

Xander felt a thousand ways to deny it rush through his head but the only word to come through his parted lips sounded wrong before it even registered. ‘Yes.’

Spike pulled back and smirked as he looked into the frightened eyes of the boy. ‘Told ya, mate. Shouldn’t argue with me.’ He grinned, walking away. ‘I always win.’

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