Goji Berry

Goji berry

The Goji berry, or Wolfberry, has been known as a potent medicinal food in China for thousands of years.

Modern technology has since confirmed that not only are these wondrous fruits extremely nutrient rich, they are also powerful antioxidants with myriad health benefits and potential uses.

The number of health products containing Goji berry has exploded in recent years, due to its official status as a ‘super-fruit’.

Origin of Goji berry

The wolfberry is native to China, and comes from the same family of plants as the sweet potato, morning glory, tomato and paprika, some of which are themselves renowned for possessing antioxidant properties.

The berries themselves are bright red or orange, around one or two centimeters in diameter, and are delicious when ripe.

Goji berries are often marketed as ‘Himalayan’ or ‘Tibetan’ Goji berries after the region in which they originated, and also because the names confer a certain wisdom to those who eat the berries.

In fact, Goji berries are more likely to originate from mountains in China and Mongolia than from Tibet, though some do grow there.

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