Shadows on the Dance Floor 

Oh, I know about your kind and so I’ll have to play.
It’s murder on the dance floor so you’ll just have to pray.
If you think you’re getting away, I will prove you wrong,
I’ll take you all the way, girl, just come along.
Hear me when I say `Stay another song’.
It’s murder on the dance floor, I’ll blow you all away.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – `Murder On The Dance floor’

Red lights play over her skin as she moves to the music. Her warm scent floats to me over the crush of bodies on dance floor. From across this room filled with blood and flesh she still has the power to draw me to her.

All these others, the still-living, are no longer real to me. Former friends, and schoolmates, all are like shadows to me now. How strange it seems that I once cared about them or what they thought of me. I can barely recall it, how it felt, even though it was just hours ago.

I’m different now, more powerful; I feel so strong. The force of the life around me touches me, flows through me. I’m connected, man, to everything! I can hear the creatures outside in the sky, in the grass, under the earth. I am linked to them, to their little lives.

Except for these, the ones I will feed upon. They must die so that I might live. Or at least survive.

Shadows on the Dance Floor

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