3 Signs You Need an Editor (Not a Blog Writer)

Not everyone benefits from having a blog writer on their team. While a copywriter can increase your sales, ensure that content gets published, and give you great exposure, this can only happen if you let them work their magic. You see, copywriters aren’t project managers or creative directors. They are not typically on par with being paid by results, such as how many new clients you gain from their copywriting.

Therefore, if you find that it’s stressful, frustrating, and just plain maddening to get the blogging job done, you might need an editor, not a blog writer.

Here are three signs you just need your copy dusted off:

No one can capture your voice…no one

Copywriting is unique. Writing voice refers to the syntax used by a writer. It is specific from person to person – including verbs, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

If you’ve been through half a dozen writers and you still shake your head over everything they write…you might be standing in your own way.

You Need an Editor Not a Blog Writer

Try creating work yourself in your own words and letting someone stitch it together instead. That way, your voice stays intact but your content also gets completed.

You need more than two rounds of edits

The true test of a writer that should, or should not, be working with you is how many times you need to edit them. First, keep in mind if the edits are your fault, or theirs.

Did you provide all the necessary details? Did you communicate if a project was B2B or B2C? Were reference resources provided for review on what the client likes?

Otherwise, you should be able to dust off the copy the blog writer sent you and have it ready to publish almost immediately. After V4 flies back and forth…you’ve got problems.

Paying them doesn’t free up your time

If you hire someone to do your blog writing, the idea behind this, as with all delegation, is that you will have more free time to accomplish the tasks that are important to you.

For example, meeting with a client, taking on one more coaching sessions, etc. When your blog writing gets taken off the schedule, you should be able to dedicate yourself to more income generating tasks (or having more free time.)

Should you find having to post the blog yourself, or edit multiple versions, isn’t saving you time…a blog editor is probably best for you. Let someone dust off your words the easy way.

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