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Defoamer Industry Trade Association

Our Vision:

To be a world-class trade association that promotes defoamer industry growth in a global economy while providing outstanding industry representation and service to members.


DITA adopts “Voluntary Member Audit Program” in support of its foundational principles and mission.

DITA responds to the action taken by FDA in FR2010-32344 in reopening the comment period for the 1997 proposed rule on substances “generally recognized as safe (GRAS)” by submitting comments on March 28, 2011. Read our comments here: DITA on FDA re GRN.

What are Defoamers?

A defoamer (aka anti-foaming agent) is a chemical additive that reduces and/or hinders the formation of foam. In industrial processes and mechanical systems, foam formation pose serious operational and quality of production problems, including, for example, difficulty filling containers, defects on surface coatings, adversely impacting production rates, etc. Due to the wide variety of industrial processes impacted by foam formation, preventing foam requires a thorough scientific knowledge of the mode of formation of the foam and a tool box of defoamers.

Commonly used agents are insoluble oils, polydimethylsiloxanes and other silicones, and certain alcohols and esters. These additive are used to prevent formation of foam or are added to break a foam already formed. (Image: “Effluent clarifier for beet sugar processing facility prior to defoamer addition.”

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We are a world-class SEO Leeds trade association that promotes defoamer industry growth in a global economy.

Mission Statement

The Defoamer Industry Trade Association’s mission is to be a resource for its members in order to create value for its members.

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Gain the opportunity for formulators and suppliers to work together and hear each others concerns.